Welcome to the official Kayton Roberts Fan Page! We are very excited to have this page up and going. Although it’s not finished yet, we’re thrilled to finally have a website to pay tribute to one of the best steel players of all time – Kayton Roberts. Kayton’s string pulling tecnique, bar slanting, smooth tone, and energetic style has been around for many years now and is still going strong! This page is a tribute to him from his friends and is intended to be a resource for fans, steel guitar players, musicians, and old-school country music enthusiasts out there who appreciate the contributions Kayton has made to the music we love. The site is still under construction, but we hope have videos and interviews of the man himself coming soon, so keep checking in!!!

7 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I did not know of Kayton until he started working with Hank Snow, and watched the Opry to get that.
    I would like to know if Kayton has any CDs out. I did get Weldon Myricks, and I’m sure they know each other. Steel players are a group unto themselves for sure. Hank used a number of steel players on the road, mostly pedal. The wife and I had a company and we toured with hank (I was opening act with my band, under the name of Bert Wade).

    Going back, I beiieve 1965 was the last time we toured with Hank a young fellow by the name of Howard White (not the same one on the Opry) was working with him.

    Anyway on to Kayton. I am under the impression he also plays pedal steel, please correct me if I’m wrong..

    So I am interested in hearing fromyou folks about Kayton.

    • Hi Bert,
      Thanks for commenting, its always great to hear from people who met Kayton when he was still playing with Hank Snow. Kayton is still playing pretty regularly and is as good as he ever was or better. Kayton does have several CDs out and you can let us know if you want a hard copy, or you can also download them at . There are some great ones on there, most of which were recorded with Stoneway when it was still in business.

      Kayton never has played pedals and actually still plays the same Fender Dual 8 Professional that he bought new in 1951! But he does do a lot of string pulls and bar slants which can often sound like a pedal steel. Thanks for visiting us and come back soon!


      • Sinc the hew web site is not yet functional, where would you suggest I go to find Kaytons CD list.
        I know after I asked about Kayto, I found a list somewhere, buy don’t think I added it to my favorites.

        I am a traditonal country person. fiddle and steel are a necessity. i cam into Country music at 12 or so, by way of a friend who was very much into country. At the time, 1949, he listened to Eddy Arnold and Hank Snow. I became a Hank Snow fan immediately, he became my idol, and I dreamed of working with him on stage, and that came to pass. Bought a Gibson 6 string laptop to imitate the Hank Snow style. I have an inteview on tape done in the back of his bus. My recorder refused to work, and Hank being the gracious person he was said “Bert, why don’t we use mine”. That was September 1965. We worked with Hank after that,, both Joe Talbot or Buford Gentry were already retired and no longer plaing steel for him. A Howard White was on that tour, and sometime later Jimmy Crawford. It looks like Kayton came in there somewhere, perhaps depending on his other commitments. I’m sure you can enlighten me on that.
        At any rate, in my search the other night I noted a CD by Kayton titled something like “Kayton picks on hank”, much like Weldons title “Weldon pickcs on Connie”. most steelplayers record pop stuff like Blue Jade, etc., I guess to show their versatility, but like I said, I’m a traditional country fan,
        and I am impressed by Kaytons ability to get all those sounds he dose that others had to go pedal to get.

        Look forward to your reply.

        Thak you so much for reaplying.

  2. Fantastic playing, The cd I have is wonderful, the hits of Hank Snow ,. A pleasure to listen to and exciting as well as relaxing.
    I am an amateur lap steel player and was wondering if you would be kind enough to let me know what tuning is used, as it gives a great sound.

    • Hi Lorne, Kayton primarily uses a C6 tuning which is (from low to high) AAC#EGACE. Glad you like his CD, he is also releasing a new one next week that was recorded with Marty Stuart, Chris Scruggs, Rob McNurlin and many others! Let me know if you have anymore questions, thanks!


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